Hey, History Buffs – new western art reproductions are now live at AndyThomas.com!

The Rebel Steer

A maverick steer is finally roped in a remote wash where he led his little gang of bovine mutineers. The cowhand and his horse are old hands at this work. They like it. Nothing wrong with the work environment, either.

You Played That Card

Shootouts over card games weren’t uncommon back in the Old West. The fact is, once you play a card, you don’t change a card. Have you seen Let the Cards Fall? It would go great with this image!

Let the Cards Fall

Back in the day, simple card games were settled in some intense shootouts. Most times, the cards fell to the floor.

Hello Boys

Yes, they’re young, loud and reckless… but their money is good. The cowboy’s late-night escapades and the pretty girls. Available as a larger format reproduction. Please ask us about the options.

A Knock on The Door

When young men spent a few weeks on top of a half-wild mustang, eating dust and prodding half-wild, longhorn steers, they were likely to be a little half-wild, themselves. Amazing western and this new release is just in time for wild holidays.

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