Image Usage

Images by Andy Thomas are offered to you for usage, with our permission. His images are protected by the intellectual copyright laws as well as individually registered with the United States Library of Congress. We enforce the laws of copyright diligently so we appreciate you making the choice to contact us for the proper permission to use one of his images.

If you have a question about an image by Andy Thomas, that you have seen used elsewhere, please don’t hesitate to write your message in the form below. We would appreciate it as well. 

Are you looking for an image for an upcoming book, article, movie set, music cover or another type of usage? Andy has told many stories through his paintings, too many to put on the web-site, so we encourage you to let us know what you are looking for and we may be able to match an image to the subject that you are seeking. You may also browse through the selection of images on our Pinterest page to get an idea of what you may be looking for.

Please fill in the form below with the image, or a description of the image or subject that you wish to obtain permission, the usage and any specific information you may have.  You will receive an email back with guidelines, further questions and information.

Thank-you for coming by and finding out more about using one of Andy Thomas’ wonderful images for your project.

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