…and the Band Played On


There’s a party going on and the pirate has hosted all these musicians. They are all musicians that have passed-on but these 26 greats have added so much to Jazz, Rock, Blues, Pop, Country and so much more.

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This image is available in print or canvas form.
This print contains 26 deceased musicians from music history;
can you name them all?

Somewhere, a party’s going on. There’s a gentle ocean breeze passing through the palm trees and good food and drink is plentiful. Folks are having a good time.

Then, there’s the music. Wonderful, rhythmic music, resonating across the island. The voices, clear as a china bell or earthy and gritty, blend into a surreal timbre. The instruments pour fourth delicious chords with improvised trails of harmony.

Inspired by the music, the revelers jump up to sing along, or dance a jig, or tell a good story.  All that music could ever be, it is at this party!


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