Battle of Saratoga – Revolutionary War


The Revolutionary War Battle of Saratoga, NY – Assault on Balcarres Redoubt, October 7, 1777

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This is a limited edition paper print apx 19″ x 25″

Assault on Balcarres Redoubt, October 7, 1777 –  The British Surrender at Saratoga stunned the British, the World and even the Americans. How could a ragtag army, raised from the loosely structured colonies, so utterly defeat the worlds most disciplined army? The story of the battle is one of the most compelling dramas in military history.

The British plan was simple and seemingly foolproof. By marching down the Hudson from Canada, joining with British armies from New York and Lake Ontario, they would divide the Colonies and deprive them of the Hudson waterway.   Maj. General John Burgoyne led the march from Canada with 9,000 troops, British, German and Canadian. The American army under General Philip Schuyler contested their movement and slowed the progress.

The painting shows the first assault on the Balcarres Redoubt. Uniforms for the British and German troops varied in colors (all bright) and style (all very snappy). Since they broke ranks during the retreat, you’ll see quite a cornucopia manning the redoubt. The fallen soldier in the abatis (log and limb piles) is a German although many assume he is a Continental Soldier (Continental blue uniforms came later). The American troops in the light blue are members of the 2nd New Hampshire regiment. In the background on horseback is Benedict Arnold. The events behind his betrayal of America are, to me, painful to read.

Research for this painting was greatly aided by the fine rangers at the Saratoga National Historical Park. I cant say enough about their help and their desire to help me make the painting historically accurate.

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