CHANGE – The Acceptance Speech of President Barack Obama


John Jay, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, Abe Lincoln, JFK and LBJ, Thurgood Marshall argued his case, Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, Douglas Wilder, and Barbara Jordan, Edward Brooke at the Acceptance Speech of Barack Obama

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Amazing. An African-American runs for President, not as a Civil Rights candidate but as an American, gets elected and his skin color seemed not to matter to the voters. Only in America.

But, before that could happen, John Jay fought against slavery, Harriet Tubman led the helpless to freedom, Frederick Douglas influenced Abe Lincoln, FDR stood up for the forgotten, Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired us, JFK and LBJ took action, Thurgood Marshall argued his case, Rosa Parks stayed in her seat and Medgar Evers and little girls in Birmingham died. Andrew Young, Edward Brooke, Douglas Wilder and Barbara Jordan joined the process, Jesse Jackson orated, my friend Dino stood his ground and many, many others did their best.

There are plenty of heroes in this story.


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