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A Basket Dinner outside of a church in the late 1940’s. Maybe this could have been your town? Elm Grove Baptist Church.

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This is a paper print apx 19″ x 25″: image apx. 14″ x 21″

Andy has captured the essence of the Basket Dinner celebration in this painting. By utilizing a series of photographs of individuals in the 1940s and through the personal interviews, he has developed a composition which accurately depicts this important community activity. The painting includes individual portraits of thirty-one individuals who would have attended the church during 1945 – 1948, while showing the random parking of vehicles, and the food displayed on pews which were carried from the church for that purpose.

Surely, there was a similar gathering in your area. Ask your parents or grandparents.

Also, take a look at the key below. There are names like Thornsberry, Hamilton, Tipton, George, Taylor, Bartlett, Greenstreet, Mitschele, Frazier, Jones, Deberry, Groce, Payne, Nickels, Holloway, Elam and Becker.

Order your print and receive the history and key page. Sure would be a nice addition to any ancestry research!

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