Grand Ol’ Gang Notecards


Republican Presidents playing poker is quite the setting… one just has to wonder what they are talking about.

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Each set contains 10 cards and envelopes. 4″ x 6″

Some of the greatest times anyone can enjoy are when we can let our guard down because we are among those who have been where we have been: people who know the truth and don’t make harsh judgments. We can have a great time with each other especially after the challenge has been met and the heat is off. We can talk, commiserate and just be ourselves. Who do former presidents hang out with? Wouldn’t it be just a great time if they could let their hair down together and just have a time to laugh and remember? Can you imagine that?
Well, here they are:
Republicans (Counterclockwise around the table beginning in lower left): GHW Bush, Lincoln, Ford, Nixon, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, GW Bush, Reagan.


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