Main Street Joplin 1900


Downtown Joplin, Missouri: Not too far down the street stood the historic Conner Hotel, Midland Baths, Donehoo’s Drugstore and the James H. Worth block.

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This is a paper print and apx size: 19″ x 25″ overall

This is a view looking south at the intersection of Fourth and Main. The building on the left is the House of Lords, where you could find anything you want. I’ve been told the first floor housed the brothel. At the entrance, under the green and gold awning, a crowd has gathered where an enthusiastic employee gives an impromptu can-can dance. At the extreme left, under the green awning is the marquee of the Keystone Restaurant, which may or may not have been operating in 1900.

Moving to the right from the House of Lords is Midland Baths, the Keystone Bar and Donehoos Drugstore on the corner. I believe the upper floors housed a hotel. This group of buildings constituted the James H. Worth block. Today, Spiva Park occupies this spot. Further down Main Street is the impressive Keystone Hotel, its spire jutting above all else. This truly magnificent hotel was demolished in 1969.

Across Main, on the far right is the Joplin Hotel, although little shows in this painting. The Joplin Hotel was torn down to make way for the famous Conner Hotel, which was itself demolished in 1978… an event that tragically killed two men and brought Joplin daily coverage on the national news. Today the Joplin Library sits on this spot of history. In the center of the painting an electric trolley makes a stop. The trolley was an important part of Joplin’s growth.

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